The Young Mom

Being a young mom means that we met a little early, but it also means that I get to love you a little longer“.

Hi, I’m Kate!

My passions in life are based on my love to create, and to be the best wife & mother God chose me to be.

From creating crafts with our precious Oliver, to creating different makeup looks and hairstyles through my beauty business. Creating something new in the kitchen, to creating new images with my camera for friends and family. You name it!

Being able to be at home with Oliver has been the biggest dream come true for me. Sure there are times when I need my breaks just like any parent does, but nothing compares to being able to watch Oliver grow and learn something new each day. Our bond we share is everything I prayed for, I am eternally grateful!

Living the U.S. Navy wife life.. it’s incredibly hard but we couldn’t be more proud of Wayne for all of the work he puts into serving our country. We miss him while he is gone, but it makes us appreciate him even more when we have him!

I love to share all of the randomness that life brings. The adventures, the new chapters, special announcements, surprises, behind the scene moments as a mommy & wife, my favorite DIY’s, and all of my beauty tips!

I hope you enjoy,

Xoxo, Kate Dixon