Busy busy busy! 

    I’m so SO sorry I haven’t posted in awhile you guys! I have surely been quite busier than I use to be, because I have taken on a full time job!  I am working temporarily as a child care provider for Wayne’s Lt. Commander before we move this summer..     That being said, … More Busy busy busy! 

The Birth

    41 weeks pregnant, I waddled around everywhere. I had tried everything I had read online that could induce labor, everything! Eating lots of pineapple, walking up & down the 4 flights of stairs in our townhouse, eating spicy foods, and just about every other thing you could think of. Of course none of … More The Birth

Fed is Best

  For 8 weeks I tried my absolute hardest to breastfeed our little Oliver. I wanted it so bad. Because at the time I knew it was the best thing I could give him. My body was made to give him this. Right after Oliver was born, I had hemorrhaged (bled out, for those of … More Fed is Best